Caja Sullana undergoes CSR audit by WORLDCOB

Caja Sullana undergoes CSR audit by WORLDCOB

Caja Sullana undergoes CSR audit by WORLDCOB


Caja Sullana, a leading company in the financial sector of Peru, has undergone a thorough audit by WORLDCOB to assess the organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices and determine its eligibility for the fifth revalidation of the WORLDCOB-CSR.2011.03 standard.

The audit, conducted by WORLDCOB’s Quality and CSR Director, Daniel Javier, included:

CSR Practices Evaluation: The policies and practices implemented by Caja Sullana in key areas of social responsibility, including business ethics, environmental management, social impact, and community engagement, were analyzed.

Documentation Review: Key documents, sustainability reports, and other records were examined to assess the coherence and effectiveness of Caja Sullana’s CSR initiatives.

Stakeholder Interviews: Interviews with employees, clients, and other stakeholders were conducted to gain a comprehensive perspective on the impact of Caja Sullana’s CSR practices.

The audit was conducted in accordance with international corporate social responsibility standards to ensure the integrity and transparency of the process.

“The audit conducted on Caja Sullana has demonstrated a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. We have thoroughly evaluated the practices implemented by the company and are impressed by the positive impact it has achieved on its employees, communities, and the environment. We look forward to continuing to work with Caja Sullana on its journey toward excellence in corporate social responsibility,” commented Daniel Javier, WORLDCOB’s Director of Quality and CSR.

About the WORLDCOB-CSR Standard:

The WORLDCOB-CSR Standard is an international standard recognizing Corporate Social Responsibility practices. Periodic revalidation ensures that companies continue to meet the highest standards in ethics, sustainability, and social commitment.


Next Steps:

Caja Sullana now awaits the detailed results of the audit and any recommendations provided by WORLDCOB to further strengthen its CSR practices. The fifth revalidation of the WORLDCOB-CSR standard could solidify Caja Sullana’s position as a benchmark in corporate social responsibility in the Peruvian financial sector.

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