Deco Accesorios: “It is a very beautiful feeling to see that all our efforts are being rewarded”.

Deco Accesorios: “It is a very beautiful feeling to see that all our efforts are being rewarded”.

From 1985, Deco Accesorios has been a household name in Industrial design and decoration, offering the largest showroom and inventory in Latin America with a diversity of products and a wide selection such as: Architectural hardware, high-level decorative locks, residential or commercial bathroom accessories, public bathroom partitions, acoustic partitions for party venues or meetings, automatic doors, safes, hotel refrigeration, gas-based refrigeration, and medical refrigeration products.

The General Manager of the organization, Eng. Anna Marie Chen granted us an interview to share her impressions on receiving the “Glory” award at THE BIZZ ceremony held in Saint Thomas.

1. What are your company’s goals?

In the short term, we are reviewing all of our suppliers to negotiate better prices to continue our work. Currently, in Panama, it has become very difficult due to political issues and the fact that building owners prefer to use cheaper products made of poor quality materials. In the medium term, we continue to educate and teach that what may seem cheap at first is really expensive in the long run. Ultimately, good products ensure that both the client and the owner of the project are entirely satisfied.

2. What are the competitive advantages of your company?

The competitive advantage is that we have 37 years in the market and mostly everyone knows that if you want something to last with no problems, then Deco Accessories can give it to you.

3.What goals has your company achieved since it was founded?

We have positioned ourselves at the top of the hardware suppliers and construction products that we require, as a leader in the design and decorative field in Panama.

4. What projects has your company developed?

Deco Accesorios has undertaken projects in the Republic of Panama, including Central America, the Caribbean, and even in places like Nigeria.

5. What has been the most significant challenges for your company?

The most significant challenge is finding a good labor workforce ready to work hard and immerse themselves within the company structure and the working group. Convincing the contractors to provide quality products is also quite challenging.

6. How did you feel when you won THE BIZZ award?

It is a very beautiful feeling to see that all our efforts are being rewarded thanks to the WORLDCOB team, who are always teaching us new things to help us in our daily work. We have also learned not just to value the management team but all of the collaborating members as well. Sharing this triumph with our clients and working with the community makes us feel bigger and much happier.


Institutional Information

Company: Deco Locks INC

Country: Panama

Company representative: Eng. Anna Marie Chen

Position: General Manager



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