Introducing WORLDCOB’s Member’s Reunion in June 2021

Introducing WORLDCOB’s Member’s Reunion in June 2021

This year, WORLDCOB presents the first edition of the WORLDCOB’s Member’s Reunion, a virtual meeting to gather representatives of both active and non-active company members of the World Confederation of Businesses worldwide, at a two-day event on June 15 and 16 of the current year.


The event will be held on the Virtway platform, a leader in virtual events worldwide, a space where attendees will be able to interact in real-time with their personalized avatars, and a 360° tour, offering attendees a close and enjoyable experience.


“Here at WORLDCOB, we wanted to take advantage of the virtual platform to celebrate a special meeting with all active and non-active members of the Confederation. They will be able to interact and meet again after several years. This is definitely an innovative way to promote integration and allows us to bond deeply with our most loyal members” – Jesus Moran (CEO).


This is not the first virtual event experience that WORLDCOB offers to its members. In December 2020, the WORLDCOB Virtual Summit was held, gathering more than 20,000 people for a two-day event full of activities such as conferences, networking, stands, and much more.


On June 15, WORLDCOB members can enjoy a Meet & Greet with the directors and the technical team to learn how the platform works and how to take advantage of it. Afterward, on June 16, the main event will take place, including an opening ceremony, speeches from the directors, integration activities, and more.


This is an exclusive event for current and former WORLDCOB members and is expected to receive more than 500 attendees.


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