Words from CEO

Words from CEO

Dear BIZZ NEWS members and readers,

I am writing to you to express my joy and satisfaction as we close out this year. Let me begin by sharing with you the latest results of THE BIZZ AMEA event held in Dubai. It was simply spectacular and exceeded our greatest expectations. We were privileged to have the participation of more than 100 Companies from 50 countries around the world. This gave us the opportunity to interchange experiences and network with more than 400 guests who enjoyed a stunning view seated in front of the terrace of one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, the BURJ AL ARAB.

These Companies could prove for themselves why the power of recognition is so important, and this is something that we have been promoting all year long. During the last few weeks, we have received only congratulations for organizing this excellent event including words of appreciation for our Leadership & Recognition workshop led by our Director of Human Development, Nancy Branger.

Do not forget that we have our BIZZTRAINING brand, which allows us to offer coaching services and model workshops to interested Companies that wish not only to train but also to motivate their work teams. Our director, Nancy Branger always does an outstanding job in this department. And not only I but all Companies who have hired her to make use of said services recognize her invaluable contribution.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say that we have already launched THE BIZZ 2018 Awards in three cities: Prague, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong. The registration for Companies who wish to apply for this prestigious award is also open, and the committee has already given us a list of the first winners.

On the other hand, WORLDCOB is working very hard to promote CSR for the past six years by means of CSR meetings. In this way, we earnestly endeavor to incentivize Companies that wish to align their procedures with CSR policies to obtain the WORLDCOB 2011.3 certification.

The Meetings this year convened more than 500 Companies that actively participated in this event, not only by attending but also with their participation on the speaker panel and by answering questions. I am happy to report that more and more companies are interested in CSR.

I wish to thank all who made these Meetings possible, especially the Universities and the speakers for their support and trust. This allowed us to organized events in Bogota, Puebla, Guadalajara, Quito, and Lima.

Before I take my leave, I cannot help but wish that this has also been a good and productive year for you. If it hasn’t been that way, there’s always 2018 just ahead, which can make a difference.

May God bless you, and I hope we meet again soon.

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