Interview with Envirosan DC

Interview with Envirosan DC



  1. What does it feel to receive The BIZZ award?

The reception of BIZZ award  it was on uplifting  feeling,because I can to offer it to humanity, who is waiting for the results of our activities the improving of  their  living conditions

  1. What is your company activity?

Our activity target the sustainable development by integrated climate- environment- health protection

by conversion of pollution, waste, natural resources  in valuable biotechnological and bioenergetical products

  1. What are the objectives of the company?

Implementation worldwide of  integrated bioindustrial complexes serving the development sustainable, circular economy and zero carbon emission.

  1. What is the vision of your company?

To help the citizens be healthy, enjoy the life offering best available technological and economical (BATE)solutions

  1. What do you think is the differential value of your company?

Integration of own developments in the BATE system with worldwide adaptability


Envirosan - Microbiological research Envirosan - Monitoring to radioctive waste disposal Envirosan - Climate Protection to Open Ponds Envirosan - Climate Protection to Wastewater treatment Plant Envirosan - Climate potection on winery Envirosan - Briefing to enzymatical processes


























  1. What benefits do you think that your business reach as a WORLDCOB associate?

Helping our progress in our business expansion  towards UN tenders and overseas projects.

  1. Who are your successful role models?

The companies which applied the integrated systems in climate- environment- health protection, bioenergetics and biotechnologies

  1. What has been the most difficult moment happened and how the company overcame?

Initiation by the competitors to our marginalization, we have overcome with  continuous development

  1. What major achievements has reached the company since its inception?

National Award for Environmental Protection activity, Bioenergetical Award from EU Commission, Climate Protection award from Oxford Academy, Best Enterprise Award BIZZ 2015 from WORLDCOB.

10. What message would you give to WORLDCOB entrepreneurs network?

We are the strategic partners in the  clean,sustainable technologies and of the green business.


euring Bela TOZSER

expert climate protection


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