CSR Interview with Corporación Hodelpe S.A.C.

CSR Interview with Corporación Hodelpe S.A.C.


  1. What is the line of business of your company?

CORPORACION HODELPE S.A.C. is committed to the provision of services; the activity carried we carry out is Evaluating the Business Profiles of Organizations equivalent to the Homologation of Suppliers.


  1. What is the vision of your company?

To be recognized at the market as the leading company in evaluating the business profiles of organizations, providing a quality service and keeping a high level of confidentiality for our clients, as well as internationalizing our service in emerging markets.


  1. Do you think your country is interested in acting responsibly? Why must companies be interested in it?

Currently, the issue of Business Social Responsibility is gathering strength in the country; therefore many companies are interested in and adopting good practices in Business Social Responsibility. The companies should be interested in that because it implies a gradual growth and improves the quality of life of the contributors, and provides a good prestige to the company and improves its commercial relationships.


  1. Which aspects do you think the Business Social Responsibility improves in the environment of companies that practice it?

The good relationships with the community. The recognition with the new and permanent clients, and mainly improving the working environment of the contributors, which is extended to their relatives and creates a value chain reflected in good results.


  1. Which changes do you consider would have the society if more companies were able to obtain the WORLDCOB-CSR 2011.2 Certificate?

At short-term, it would be reflected in the internal improvement of the company as the good practices of the WORLDCOB-CSR 2011.2 standard are applied to all levels of the organization. At long term, it would be reflected in the economic growth of the company, which guarantees its sustainability over time.


  1. Which challenges does your company assume when obtaining the revalidation of the WORLDCOB-CSR 2011.2 Certification?

Continuing our commitment to keeping acting responsibly with respect to the impact caused by our activities, looking for the balance between the economic growth and the social welfare, using our natural resources efficiently and seeking the sustainable development.


  1. Which services would you like WORLDCOB provides you?

In addition to the continuous advice provided as a member of WORLDCOB, we consider it is important to continue with issues of training and professional development at local level, taking into account the level and prestige of WORLDCOB.


  1. Which projects of Business Social Responsibility does your company have?

Implementing programs of healthy life involving the contributors through the promotion of good nutritional habits, and promoting good daily environmental practices involving the families and continuing the professional development through trainings.


  1. ¿How do you think your company has contributed to the development of your community?

We have been working in the professional development of our contributors, through trainings, and we have raised the awareness on the good practices to be transmitted to their families and the community in general. Furthermore, actions in favor of the community we have assumed allow us to be proud of our achievements and be considered as a certified company in Business Social Responsibility.


  1. ¿Do you think Business Social Responsibility is a trend or has become a part of each company considered responsible?

Definitely, adopting principles concerning Business Social Responsibility demonstrates the commitment and interest of each company in knowing the environment in which they operate to control or minimize the negative impacts, as well as promoting the same practices in the sectors with which they interrelate. Furthermore, we consider that having good practices along with the Management Systems ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007, in which we are certified, have been a big contribution to our company.




Luigi Forti M.

General Manager

Corporación Hodelpe S.A.C.


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