9th Edition of the “Corresponsables Awards”

9th Edition of the “Corresponsables Awards”

After the success of the first eight editions, the Corresponsables Foundation launched the IX Corresponsables Awards in Spain and Latin America in countries like Argentina, Ecuador, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. This effort represented a great opportunity to highlight the success of the companies and organizations that were part of this event.

In Spain, the Corresponsables foundation promotes CSR, focusing on Latin America and Latin-speaking countries. The organization’s awards program looks for the best candidates and recognizes those companies that demonstrate outstanding initiatives in Corporate Social Responsibility.

The awards are open to all types of organizations in any country. The foundation identifies the best initiatives and good Corporate Social Responsibility practices. This includes good practices in Corresponsables Communication which was established by the foundation in the seventh edition.

To participate in this exciting event, please complete the form at http://corresponsables.com/actualidad/participa-ix-premios-corresponsables . The deadline is until May 31, 2018.

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