At the Forefront of Environmental Care

At the Forefront of Environmental Care

Contributing to the preservation of natural resources and implementing productive and Sustainable projects have been Ecuambiente’s contribution from 1989, as the first environmental Company in Ecuador to specialize in consulting and technical assistance services in the industry including development activities.

This company has developed a wide range of environmental services of a socio-environmental nature, with national and international standards, such as remediation, pollution control, reforestation and ecological restoration, waste management – the same developed by the Centre for Ecological Engineering (CEET) – at Km 12,5 of la Coca Via – Lake Agrio (Ecuador).

In addition, Sustainable productive projects have been developed, conservation of natural resources, training and environmental training, and continuous work with governmental institutions and private Companies whose activities are involved with the environment, such as: oil industries, mining, hydroelectric, construction, hydraulics, roadways and agribusiness, becoming a leader in environmental matters.

The Executive Director of the institute, Dra. María Eugenia Puente, shares more information on this Company and the importance of Social Responsibility.

  1. What are the goals of your company?

Our strategic objectives are:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Generate Economic Sustainability in the organization
  • Meet the legal environmental, health, and safety requirements (licenses and permits)
  • Improve the work performance of the staff
  • Improve the work environment of the organization
  • Maintain the infrastructure of the organization
  1. What are the competitive advantages of your Company?
  • Positioning and recognition of the Company in the Ecuadorian socio-environmental consulting market.
  • Recognition of our clients for the quality of delivered products.
  • Be known for ethics and values that the Company manages in all its services chain.
  • Strengthening of our human capital through training workshops.
  • Infrastructure and monitoring equipment guarantee, and measurements required to meet all obligations.
  1. What aspects do you feel that CSR improves in Companies?

CSR improves the work environment, it defines the importance of ethical values, and the respect for nature in a productive environment.

  1. What value have you recognized in the WORLDCOB-CSR: 2011.3 certification process?

We value the personal coaching of the WORLCOB staff during this process, which guaranteed that we would achieve certification in little time. As regards our Company, the main value recognized is the commitment of our employees towards what it means to have a CSR certification.

  1. What are the benefits of a CSR certification?
  • It fosters the construction of a Sustainable Development Model.
  • It promotes a Socially Responsible and Environmental Culture, motivating and fostering a sense of belonging to the human resource department.
  • It promotes the enforcement of labor, environmental, social, and tax legislation.
  • It promotes the professional growth of our human resources.
  1. What would your message be to all Companies interested in obtaining a Socially Responsible certification?

Betting on the CSR is a decision that will change a Company’s way of life. It implies starting with a commitment to believe in a highly committed organization with society and the environment to develop pragmatic solutions to benefit clients both internally and externally.

Ecuambiente has developed a high connection with its staff and recognition from its clients by maintaining its CSR certification.


COMPANY: Ecuambiente
NAME: María Eugenia Puente
POSITION: Executive Director
COUNTRY: Ecuador – Quito
TELEPHONE: 593-(02)-601-2525



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