AVI PROD GRUP: “Our vision, as well as our commitment, is to help our clients deliver to their own clients”

AVI PROD GRUP: “Our vision, as well as our commitment, is to help our clients deliver to their own clients”

AVI PROD GRUP from Romania has received THE BIZZ award for the second consecutive time, in the most recent ceremony of THE BIZZ in Kuala Lumpur.


Regarding this recognition, Mr. Ioachim Mihai-Valentin, General Manager of the company, gave us an interview where he shared what it means to his company being part of WORLDCOB  and what be a BIZZ Winner represents for their goals.


  1.       A brief description of your company

AVI PROD GRUP is a private company which was founded in January 2002. Since the company was established, we have constantly developed and improved ourselves, and also the services we provide. Our main activities are concentrated in the field of construction as such, but we have branched out into gas, water, sewage, heating and electric systems projects; we have also built power supply networks and transformation stations for both public and private clients. The knowledge and the experience we have gained throughout the past years, ensures our ability to face any new challenge and to satisfy any request that is presented to us by our partners now or in the future. Our set of values defines the way we approach every task, such as experience, quality, professionalism, involvement and professional competence will be reflected in all our activities. We are one of the market leaders in the field of public utility works in Romania and we are part of the Romanian entrepreneurs’ community that acts responsibly to improve the utility networks quality. We work with the main utility operators from Romania, both municipalities and private multinational companies (Engie, Delgaz Grid, Veolia). We cover all the country and since 2019, we extended also our activities in Germany.

2.       Business profile of your company?

Our vision, as well as our commitment, is to help our clients deliver to their own clients. Through the expertise and services we provide, we deliver the means our clients need in order to deliver on their own promises to their own clients. We consider this critical from the perspective that our clients’ promises are as reliable as our quality level in service delivery. There are many factors that contribute to successful delivery of quality services and we pride ourselves with taking them all into account. People are such a factor. We significantly invest in our people in order to align them to our vision and practices so that our service quality level will always be consistent. Another factor we believe to be crucial is the comprehensive use of information in the management processes. We are keen on identifying and using information in such a way that it improves operations and optimizes costs, so that our offering would remain optimum for our clients and market. We appreciate being recognized as a trend setter in promoting quality and best business practices and we hope to help others follow in the foot steps of the organizations concerned with this ideal in the current business environment.
We are running for our clients the entire range of services they need (capital repairs, replacements, connection of new clients, emergency interventions).

3.       What does it mean for you and your company to receive THE BIZZ Award in multiple consecutive times?

Receiving THE BIZZ Award means a recognition of the permanent efforts of our team members to deliver the best quality services for our clients. At the same time, it is a confirmation of our commitment to improve every day our previous version. We must always be aware of technological evolution in order to be able to offer our clients and employees the most effective methods to achieve the best results.

4.   What has been achieved by your company since its creation?

We work in a very competitive environment and we have to keep always a good balance between the economic interest and the best service quality. Due to the quality of the services offered, we managed to gain the trust of our clients by establishing lasting partnerships with them.

5.       What projects has your company developed?

Our services vary from gas, electricity, sewerage, water and heating projects to maintenance, road reconstruction and repair, construction of silos, pumping stations as well as plumbing projects. We are reliable partners for our clients and we work as a team to respect contractual and legislative requirements and to optimize and complete in an outstanding way each assumed project. We build and maintain sustainable partnerships with the main utility providers and real estate developers in Romania and we are their first option in the field of installations design and execution.

6.       What are the goals to follow by your company in the upcoming years?

We plan to continue our growth both in Romania but also in new markets in Europe and maybe in America. We also want to actively involve in social commitment. Thus we have created a foundation through which we can develop projects of public interest. We deeply understand the need for community involvement and leadership. This activity is a similar to our business, therefore we are doing our best to apply the same standards as in our main business activities. We do it with the conviction that, by helping others, we will ultimately help ourselves.


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