CGCE S.A: Our main competitive advantage is the experience we’ve gained as one of the first consulting companies to benefit from the Chilean’s government procurement process

CGCE S.A: Our main competitive advantage is the experience we’ve gained as one of the first consulting companies to benefit from the Chilean’s government procurement process

The Chilean company, CGCE S.A, has been recognized by WORLDCOB with THE BIZZ award as a leading company in its field. The general manager of the organization, Carlos Campo Parra, received the award in a ceremony that took place in the city of Miami Beach on July 26 of the present year. During the ceremony, Mr. Parra shared his thoughts on what the award means for the company that he represents.

A brief description of the company

CGSE S.A. was founded in 2010, with the objective of providing consulting services in the field of e-commerce management. The company was mainly focused on advising private companies who want to participate in the purchasing process through the electronic platform of chilecompra ( )

With more than 9 years of experience, our company has continued enhancing our services by incorporating new areas, such as the Administration of many different types of e-commerce platforms, Market coupling, and Cataloguing with the goal of having a solid presence in different markets.

Also, within the Public Markets, our comprehensive assessment considers the representation for different purchasing procedures, such as: Framework Agreements, Public litigations, and Large Purchases. In addition, we participated in the administration process of said contracts, developing strategies in Go to Market, BackOffice within the Framework Agreements management, Strategic Digital Marketing, and market information analysis through Management Studies.

Currently, we have advised more than 340 companies in a safe and professional manner, with excellent results.

Category of the company

E-Commerce Consulting Services

What are the company’s goals?

Our main objective is to remain at the forefront as a top e-commerce company and continue advising our clients. We want to help them understand the new and different markets in both public and private companies.

Also, next year, and with the goal of perfecting our services, we hope to certify our process with the ISO 9001 standard.

What are the competitive advantages of your company?

Our main competitive advantage is the experience we’ve gained as one of the first consulting companies to benefit from the Chilean’s government procurement process including other countries in the region. This has allowed us to understand the issues and specific cases up close and personal in relation to different sale categories and services.

This Know How skill, has provided the base to perfect and expand our services to a diverse market platform on a national and international level. And these steps help us to maintain our standing as an innovative company in the world of e-commerce consulting services.

What goals have your company achieved since it was founded?

Since our company was founded, one of the main goals was to provide international consulting services through the Inter-American Development Bank where our General Manager offered consulting services for the Public Purchasing platforms and systems in the governments of Peru, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Paraguay.

In addition, in 2017, we received the World Quality Commitment Gold Award, Paris, awarded by the Business Initiative Directions, along with the QC100 Total Quality Management certification in recognition of the quality of our services.

During 2018, our company also received The BIZZ award in recognition of our Corporate Social Responsibility. This award was given by the World Confederation of Businesses, and we became a part of this organization during the process.

What projects have your company developed?

With our experience, we have developed a series of projects related to the e-Commerce field. Among them, our main project was the development of international consulting sessions provided by our General Manager through the Inter-American Development Bank in relation to the Public Purchasing platforms in the governments of Peru, Nicaragua, and Paraguay.

Also, we have successfully advised more than 340 companies and helped them with the different acquisition processes through the electronic platforms of chilecompra and iconstruye.

As previously mentioned, our company has developed and implemented other transactional electronic platforms, such as DeportistasOnline, based on their CSR commitment, and electronic transactional store development with the objective of boosting our client’s e-commerce efforts. Additionally, this includes the Digital Marketing Magazine, which generates personal content related to various businesses opportunities created by e-commerce opportunities.

What has been the most significant challenges for your company?

One of the most significant challenges is due to our position as the first consulting company dedicated to advising companies in the different acquisitions processes through a public Chilean portal, one of our country’s main Markets.

In this way, the greatest challenge is to continue improving and adapting to the changes posed by the e-commerce world. We must be capable of providing a quality service and giving our clients the confidence to enter new markets in a safe and secure manner. This also poses a huge challenge to constantly train ourselves with innovative tools and business models with the ability to quickly adapt to our surroundings because, ultimately, in the e-commerce world, “the only constant changes.”


Company: CGCE S.A

Company Representative: CARLOS CAMPOS PARRA


Country: CHILE


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