Cooperativa Vega Real: “Receiving the CSR certification represents an endorsement of good practices”

Cooperativa Vega Real: “Receiving the CSR certification represents an endorsement of good practices”

“Cooperativa Vega Real” has successfully completed the certification process based on the WOLRDCOB-CSR:2011.3 standard. This act validates the organization as a professional group with a clear mission to maintain responsible practices during the business process with minimal environmental impact.

María Eugenia Acosta Abad, General Manager, has praised the effectiveness of the process to obtain the WORLDCOB-CSR certification.

“In Cooperativa Vega Real, the process was swift and dynamic, thanks to the effective and timely communication we maintained with the consultants and auditors assigned to WORLDCOB”. –María Eugenia Acosta Abad

With regard to the benefit that the company obtains through the CSR certification process, María Eugenia Acosta notes that this generates added value to the organization, which allows them to match the international standards that the company has always pursued.

For “Cooperativa Vega Real”, the CSR certification process represents an endorsement of good practices on a social, economic, and environmental level that we have achieved for more than 35 years in the Dominican Republic.

“With this certification, we consolidate our corporate image and assure the practice of a service philosophy to our stakeholders, engendering a feeling of pride, of belonging and serving this company, which evidently guarantees the continuity of the Cooperative.” – María Eugenia Acosta Abad

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Representative: María Eugenia Acosta Abad

Position: General Manager

País: Domenican Republic

Telephone: 809 573-4258



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