Corporate values

Corporate values

By: Daniel Javier

Corporate Social Responsibility is ultimately a theme of Values, of personal values on the part of the entrepreneur, and of values that the Company defines over time. Therefore, Corporate Values are very important as they shape the personality and identity of the Company and define its Corporate structure.

These Values aid the internal decision-making process and collaborate with “telling the story” to the clients and stakeholders, which is a competitive advantage in today’s business world. They are a clear message to our suppliers on what makes us unique and the ethical criteria that is being used in the relationship.

Many Companies—conscious of the importance of these values—draft the ones they consider most important and try to incorporate them into the Company’s structure. This is not a bad idea, but it not the best way to implement said changes. The right course of action is to discover the most authentic values of your own Company.

To accomplish this goal, communication within the members of the Company is essential. It is important to understand how the partners perceive the Company and how they want the business to develop. This communication and discussion process will allow the results to be easily adopted and the personnel will feel both involved and committed to a Company’s success.

We must remember that we are in the presence of new generations like the Millennial and Centennial groups. It is important for these new generations to have a purposeful job and a Company with an image and personality is likely to have a greater ability to attract new talent and retain valuable personnel.

If CSR is not founded on solid values and ethical principles, it will be difficult to thrive and transcend the scope of a marketing exercise.

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