I share my welcome speech at THE BIZZ Americas 2019 in San Francisco by Jesús Moran

I share my welcome speech at THE BIZZ Americas 2019 in San Francisco by Jesús Moran

WORLDCOB Directors, WORLDCOB staff, members of the press, and viewers who are watching from around the world on our live webcast, good evening and welcome to this award ceremony!


We are very honored to have all of you here with us tonight. Celebrating what we firmly believe is the world’s most important business excellence award, THE BIZZ AWARDS. So congratulations for making it here to San Francisco, to this incredible hotel and to this magnificent ceremony.


This year, our Board of Directors has decided to implement individual recognitions in order to distinguish leaders of awarded companies, the ones who make it happen.


If this is the first time you and your company are receiving THE BIZZ award, congratulations! We thank you for your trust, and we invite you to take advantage of the many benefits of becoming a member of the WORLDCOB family


And for the companies here tonight that have also received THE BIZZ award in the past, we sincerely congratulate you. I always say, it is very difficult to get to the highest peak but staying there is an enormous challenge, so congratulations on this great achievement.


Speaking of our members who have received the recognition for several years, they are aware that we usually don’t repeat a location for our award ceremonies. That, of course, is a challenge for us. You can imagine all the logistics that our production team needs to carry out an event like this. We do all of that just for you, so you can enjoy the experience.


So this year, we already hosted an awards ceremony Amsterdam, today we are here in San Francisco and in November we will be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For 2020 we’ve already announced that we will be hosting THE BIZZ EUROPE in Lisbon, Portugal, but I’m sure you are wondering, which city will host THE BIZZ AMERICAS 2020?


We are excited to host THE BIZZ AMERICAS 2020 in wonderful Toronto! We want to thank CANADA BUSINESS EVENTS and especially BUSINESS EVENTS TORONTO who have signed an alliance with us a few weeks ago. This will be the first time that we host a ceremony in Canada, so we are very excited to be there.


WORLDCOB is not only an award organization, WORLDCOB is more than that. WORLDCOB is an international chamber of commerce that promotes networking among its 3,500 members and promotes Corporate Social Responsibility through its International Standard.

WORLDCOB can definitely help you grow your business. Most of you take advantage of the different services we offer your business, but today, on this special occasion, we are officially launching a new service, a world premiere.


WTS is a Business Trust Seal, created by WORLDCOB, so that, through this process, we can verify the legal existence of a company and its commercial operations for others to see. This process is achieved by a verification team that reviews the company and grants a seal publically. This, in turn, generates a level of business trust towards your company and promotes good business practices in this globalized market.  The great news is that this new Product is included in your membership so take advantage of that! Use the WTS seal to generate trust in your communication materials: websites, social networks, brochures, business cards, etc.


Finally, we want to share with you that this year we created the WORLDCOB AMBASSADORS. The title of WORLDCOB Ambassador is what our organization grants to outstanding businesspeople who can represent WORLDCOB effectively in the country of their residence. That means, to become a spokesperson, representative, and even an example for other companies interested in our organization. Tonight we have some WORLDCOB AMBASSADORS and I will go ahead and ask them to stand up: FROM BANGLADESH, MD. NAZRUL ISLAM / FROM PANAMA, ENG. ANNA MARIE CHEN, / FROM BRAZIL, DRA. ANA CRISTINA CAMPELO DE LEMOS SANTOS/ FROM PERU,          MIGUEL ANGEL CASTILLO ROBLES/ FROM ROMANIA, ALEXANDRU BADEA / FROM COSTA RICA, SR. JOSÉ FRANCISCO CASTRO CHAVARRÍA, thank you for your continuous trust and support!


I know you didn’t come all the way here to hear me talk so, let’s move on to YOU, our guests of honor. Before we start, let me thank our staff, Denisse, Karla, Andrea, Cristy, Hans, Billy, Renzo, Marcial… and of course our Directors, Nancy, Nicolas, Michael and Daniel… a special thanks to my wife my kids… thank you for believing in this great dream called WORLDCOB.


And last but not least, thank you, our elite members, for your trust. We definitely wouldn’t be WORLDCOB if it weren’t for you.


Now, enjoy this evening and what we have prepared for you, always remember you are the WORLDCOB family. Congratulations on your success!  Thank you!

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