Without Naming the Villain, we are going to talk about difficult times for companies

Without Naming the Villain, we are going to talk about difficult times for companies

We are facing a global crisis, never seen before, there is no refuge to escape


I do not want to name the villain since today is the subject that everyone is talking about, but I do know about the crisis, a crisis in which many people, doctors and health personnel, transporters, police and soldiers and many others are risking their life, some fighting directly with the disease and others trying to keep services running.


Potential damages are being evaluated every day, many countries will see their health systems collapse, but the economy cannot stop at the risk that the damages will be even more serious.

Many companies risk their existence, if businesses stop and the payment chain is cut and for the first time the risk is global, those who do not have a broad back are in a very bad position.

Each company is a world and lives in a unique reality, the strategy will be unique too.


If your company has CSR management systems in place, that is, if it is systematically socially responsible, it is surely well prepared for the moment, cause CSR manages risk control and in the relationship of your company with its stakeholders.


The main advantage is that there are established communication channels with your stakeholders, this will allow a better relationship during the crisis, you will know what measures to take to keep your clients reasonably satisfied, the relationship with suppliers and business allies will be one of understanding, with your personal there will be understanding and collaboration, with competitors there may be association and  collaboration and from your community,  social license.

Other advantages are that the company has worked in innovation, in efficiency in the use of resources and has decreased its fixed costs, more efficient processes with fewer resources used, less waste, perhaps even with its own generation of renewable energy.

The processes that favor innovation and creativity, the collaborative and participatory staff that will contribute with ideas and solutions, alliances with other organizations, all contribute to overcome the crisis and find opportunities.


Crises, to repeat the cliche, bring out the best or the worst in us.

Will not everyone behave well with you? Will many disappoint you? It may be, but surely when this crisis ends, and it will, you will remember who helped you, who failed you and will know who to trust in the future.

Others will also remember how you faced the worst.


I know of a company that increased the price of masks and alcohol gel by 500%, and I know of another that is giving away kits to those who need it, when this passes, I will remember who is who.

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