1. In which category does your company operate?

Fluvial transport of liquid cargo (hydrocarbon derivatives) and general cargo.


  1. What is the vision of your company?

Vision: To become the leading regional company in the fluvial transport of liquid cargo and general cargo through innovation, quality, safety and corporate social responsibility.


  1. Do you think that your country is concerned in act with responsibility?

It is the feeling of some companies that are committed to equality, respect and justice. Our government seeks to promote the values that are the guidelines for a society and a country with responsible and honest conscience without corruption. We are in this process in which joining forces and the same interests between companies with CSR. With our Government and our Laws, we will achieve good results.


  1. What aspects do you consider CSR improves in the business environment that practice it?

The difference, in our surrounding, in many aspects are: in the work environment because the work environment becomes pleasant, respectful, with open communication, which promotes ethical values and rejects corruption and crimes, respecting and enforcing laws and as a result of this, in our external surroundings we make the difference with the competition (other companies of fluvial transportation) before the eyes of potential customers who prefer to do business with us for demonstrating that we have standards of an integrated management system of Security, Health, environment, quality and social responsibility; also, a place of respect and status in our society because new collaborators want to enter to work in our company and new clients look for negotiating with us.

In general, it allows us to maintain contracts and economic stability over time, and allows us to survive in this time of crisis for the oil sector.


  1. What changes would you consider that will be in the society if companies succeed in obtaining the Certificate CSR 2011.3?

We would speak the same language, and we would have sense of respect for our neighbor, their rights, and we would fight together against corruption, and raise our voices and our strength to promote laws in government that favor and support much more social responsibility projects. Our society and our country would be an example to follow. We would reach a sustainable level of development like the ones of the developing countries.


  1. Which challenges take your company to obtain the Certificate CSR 2011.3?

To renew ourselves in new projects to help us in continuous improvement. To achieve a change in the mentality, the conscience, the feeling of our collaborators, in the inhabitants of the native communities that influence in the areas of our operations of the fluvial navigation; in our authorities and in society in general, to act with values and ethics; and help us promote rejection of injustice, crime and corruption.


7. Which Corporate Social Responsibility projects has your company?

Hiring people from native communities for the surveillance in our water areas and urban facilities.

To train teachers and students of special basic education centers, and collaborators of banking agencies in conjunction with the local authorities for the development of earthquake drills and the correct use of fire extinguishers.

To train the inhabitants of the native communities about the dangers and risks that could exist in an eventual incident of loosening of our convoys or buoys.


8.How do you think your company has contributed to the development of your community?

We contribute our bit in spreading our policy commitments in Corporate Social Responsibility prior to conjoint activities in the development of drills and volunteer trainings to schools on security issues in case of earthquakes by using fire extinguishers.

Courses on the dangers and risks in the care of buoys or water convoys to the inhabitants of the native communities.

Providing employment fulfilling social benefits according to law, permanent trainings to residents of our community and native communities.


9. Do you think CSR is in fashion or has it come to be part of every company that you consider responsible?

Corporate Social Responsibility is no in fashion, but rather came to stay as part of all companies that aspire to have a fair society, with sustainable development and that wants to adopt their voluntary commitments in its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Interview: Eng. Patricia PANDURO GARCIA – EHS Supervisor

Photo: Rafael Vargas – EHS Supervisor at Encuentro de RSE Perú



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