CSR Interview with William Shakespeare School

CSR Interview with William Shakespeare School




  1. What sector is your company involved in?



  1. What is your company’s vision?

The William Shakespeare Public School is on the right track thanks to its philosophy, for which it has received significant recognition nationwide.


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  1. Do you feel your country is concerned with acting responsibly? Why should companies care about this?

I think there are important government policies in the area of social responsibility, and the private sector is the main driving force behind this.


  1. In what ways do you think CSR improves the surroundings of those companies who engage in it?

Greater commitment and awareness of the school’s surroundings.


  1. What changes do you think we would see in society if more companies successfully obtained certification under the WORLDCOB-CSR 2011.2 standard?

A fairer, more solidary country with values and moral principles.


  1. What challenges has your company tackled in order to renew its WORLDCOB-CSR 2011.2 Certification?

Continuous improvement. Commitment to complying with the standard and searching out other areas in which to apply CSR.



  1. What CSR projects does your company have planned?

Social responsibility projects with our sister schools, Antonio Gil and Cabo Minacho.

Mutual aid projects with the Parish Council of Tumbaco, National Police Force, Municipality of Quito.

Social responsibility projects with our employees.

Social responsibility projects in the environmental area.


  1. How do you think your company has contributed to the development of your community?

We are continually recognized for our efficiency by the community of the Tumbaco Valley, where we are located.


  1. Do you think CSR is a fad, or has it arrived to form a permanent part of each company that considers itself responsible?

I think people have become aware of the importance of CSR, and more and more companies are taking up this challenge.

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Dr. Humberto A. Herrera Sánchez

General Director

William Shakespeare School

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