DECO LOCKS: “We aren’t trying to sell products, we sell solutions”

DECO LOCKS: “We aren’t trying to sell products, we sell solutions”

The company DECO LOCKS of Panama has won the PINNACLE trophy on two consecutive occasions in 2019, receiving these awards at the ceremonies that took place in Amsterdam and San Francisco respectfully.


Anna Marie Chan, General Manager, who also received the special “GLOBAL LEADER IN COMMERCE MANAGEMENT” trophy for her business achievements, gave us an interview to share what it means for her company and team to achieve THE BIZZ award.



  1. Brief description of your company


Our company was founded in 1985 to provide construction products, initially as architectural hardware. Today, we have several lines of construction and decorative products that complement the needs of our clients, architects, contractors, decorators, and designers. We aren’t trying to sell products, we sell solutions, so each detail counts to ensure that our intermediate customer (contractor or architect) and the end customer (user) doesn’t have any problems during installation, nor after many years of use.


  1. What is your company’s track record in the market?


We have gained a lot of experience and education about the products we sell. In addition, we’ve receive continuous training every year with factories, and this is clearly shown through our customer service skills.


  1. What are the competitive advantages of your company?


Inventory, experience and knowledge, and the willingness to do it right the first time.


  1. Why is important for your company to receive THE BIZZ Awards?


It is important because it’s an incentive for me as the owner of the business, and of course, for our employees. This will help them to feel that they are also an important part of this award. After the event, we host a dinner with all the employees, and a certificate of appreciation for their work is presented to each one, including prizes as an incentive to produce better results in their assigned work.


  1. What are the future plans for your company in the coming years?


To continue looking for niche markets and offering it to our customers, promoting the need for something that they didn’t even know existed… we will continue being the best and we are very proud of our tireless efforts.

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