Grupo Aries: ‘Corporate Social Responsibility is an Excellent Commercial and Advertising Tool’

Grupo Aries: ‘Corporate Social Responsibility is an Excellent Commercial and Advertising Tool’

Grupo Aries—a leading Mexican company in the real estate market—has been certified as a Socially Responsible organization under the WORLDCOB-CSR standard, after an audit and evaluation process that demonstrated their position to maintain a corporate culture committed to sustainability.

Dr. Jorge Ojeda, General Director and CEO of the organization, gave us an interview where he expressed what this certification represents for the objectives of his company.


Brief description of your company


Our History of Success—Founded in 2002.

Today, we are fortunate to celebrate 15 years of strengthening the heritage of thousands of families in Mexico and the United States. MUNDO EJECUTIVO—the prestigious publishing industry in Mexico distinguishes us within the RANKING of the 1000 most important companies in Mexico, in its special 2017 collection edition and we expect to continue our meteoric rise. Our aspiration is to transform ourselves into a bank and approved to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange.


Today, we are indisputably a leading real estate organization, founders of a successful “anti-crisis” investment business model that strengthens the patrimony of families regardless of their credit history and / or financial situation, so that they can build the house of their dreams in a privileged location with absolute security and the highest value. We are a Socially Responsible Company (CSR) distinguished by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) with sustainable development objectives (SDO) allied with the UN to achieve a better world in 2030.


At Grupo Aries, we received the international certification ‘Great Place To Work’, with which we genuinely and systematically seek both the welfare and constant improvement of our collaborators through institutional practices, workshops, and high-level conferences to make our employees feel fulfilled, supported, and proud of belonging to an ‘Excellent place to work’.


What are the goals of your company?

  •  Our Vision: To be the best investment alternative in the market and the most important real estate company in our country.
  •  Our Mission: To create and offer real estate investments with excellent terms so that everyone can strengthen their equity with a medium to long range view; we are committed to our Quality Management System, the Environment, and continuous improvement in our processes, for the full satisfaction of our customers, complying with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  •  To continue our meteoric rise as a ‘Great Place to Work’ company, as we aspire to become a bank and to be approved for listing on the New York Stock Exchange.
  •  To be leaders and referents in matters of responsibility and social inclusion, as we have been doing to date.


What are the competitive advantages of your company?

  •  Our anti-crisis business model that allows anyone to INVEST in a plot of land with great payment terms, regardless of their financial situation, their income, their credit bureaus, but most importantly without a credit interest rate.
  •  We offer attractive payment schemes so that our investor can build the house of their dreams in a privileged location, at the edge of the beach, next to the sea, on a ranch, in a vineyard, in the countryside… on a plot of land that they acquired with us.
  •  We manage an investment product that guarantees up to 300% ROI from 5 to 10 years depending on the economic conditions of the market.
  •  We guarantee absolute security and legal certainty to all our clients through a title or public deed, or trust in accordance with Mexico’s foreign investment laws.
  •  We are a Socially Responsible Company, with sustainable development objectives searching for a better future for less favored individuals. This includes the talent, the environment, education, culture, and art, for our brothers recently affected by earthquakes in Mexico on September 19 and for our poor children with different abilities through a policy of constant, systematic, and orderly support.
  •  We are the 1st Socially Inclusive Company in the State of Baja California, Mexico. Distinguished by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI).
  •  We have a powerful and strategic commercial and marketing direction through TV programs in the most important Spanish-language television stations in the world, generating a high demand for all our products.
  •  We are a Group Leader with commercial presence and customer service in Mexico and in the USA.


What aspect do you think CSR improves in companies?

  • Better acceptance and relationship with the general public anywhere in the world
  • Better relationship with suppliers
  • Strategic alliances with authorities.


What value have you recognized in the process of obtaining the WORLDCOB-CSR certificate: 2011.3?

  •  Adhesion to a Culture of Ethical Values.
  •  Generating certainty in the delivery of legal goods to our Clients and Investors.
  •  Maintaining a Management System that integrates Social Responsibility and maintains a process of Continuous Improvement.


What are the benefits of the CSR certification?

  •  Customer loyalty and the interest of new customers to join.
  •  Credibility, high competitiveness, and dynamism.
  •  Positioning and sustainability of our brand in the real estate market.
  •  Offering improvement in the efficiency and productivity of all our processes.
  •  Greater and better business opportunities.
  • Significant improvements in the working environment of our Company.


What is your message for companies interested in obtaining a certification in Social Responsibility?

I would encourage them to join the Corporate Social Responsibility movement. It’s an excellent commercial and advertising tool that positions companies over other companies that do not have this formal Distinction. Corporate Social Responsibility is not only an excellent investment, but it is also an obligation that we all have as people or companies to forge a better tomorrow.



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