My Experience in WORLDCOB by Daniel Javier

My Experience in WORLDCOB by Daniel Javier

At a gala dinner the night before, one of our great annual meetings in Amsterdam was held. I was coming from breakfast and in the lobby of the hotel I met an entrepreneur⁠— a WORLDCOB member⁠—who had received a Bizz Award that same night.


We greeted each other and with a smile, he told me that I have a wonderful job and that he would like to have a job like mine.


I said that I agreed because I’m convinced that I have one of the best jobs in the world!


I am naturally a very grateful person and I feel very fortunate about my (now long) life and sometimes it’s good to say it. And what better opportunity than to take advantage of the newly created “Director’s corner” space to tell you how happy I am to have a job that I greatly enjoy.


I love traveling and since joining WORLDCOB (13 years ago) I have had to travel around the world visiting places that I might never have known in any other way on the four continents. We have organized more than a hundred events (awards, networking, workshops etc.) and in each place, I have tried to stay for some extra days to visit and share with others.


As always, we try to provide a superior level of quality to WORLDCOB members, so our events are always at the best hotel in each country. In addition, we want the experience of the entrepreneurs to be complete, taking the opportunity to visit the best tourist destinations, such as Cuzco and Machu Pichu, the Caribbean, Disneyland, Taj Mahal, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates, … just to name a few.


My wife Carolina and I traveled to many of these events, taking advantage of the opportunity to experience unforgettable walks in Europe, USA, and the Arab Emirates. To this, I need to add the endearing experience of all the years we live in Houston while we oversaw the company’s headquarters.


To these trips, I must add one of the most enriching virtues of my work, which is sharing and getting to know the members of the Confederation, many of those who travel to the events accompanied by their families. Successful entrepreneurs from different countries, in all fields, different cultures and ways of doing things, different realities, charismatic individuals, and natural leaders committed to quality and Corporate Social Responsibility, which is what WORLDCOB promotes.


Regarding Corporate Social Responsibility, this is my specialty in this organization, that motivates and satisfies me each day to be working for a noble cause such as this. It allows me to earn a living by promoting CSR and helping entrepreneurs committed to integrating sustainability into their management systems and supporting Sustainable Development Goals.


I have been able to advise and cooperate closely with more than 500 companies, from small businesses, universities, NGOs, medium and large companies both public and private and I have learned a lot during this process.


Representing WORLDCOB at the United Nations Global Pact, the Global Reporting Initiative, and the FAO summits and negotiating and signing agreements with other institutions and even governments to promote CSR are experiences that have left a deep impression on me.


And finally, I must say that the WORLDCOB staff members are wonderful. A great virtue that I have always recognized is our CEO, Jesus, for knowing how to surround himself with excellent collaborators and individuals. I truly feel that we are part of a committed family⁠—and in my case⁠—especially the group of Directors. This group of friends with whom, at each meeting, we renew our deep commitment and friendship.

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