RIO URUGUAY SEGUROS: WORLDCOB-CSR Certified Company is celebrating 60 years of success

RIO URUGUAY SEGUROS: WORLDCOB-CSR Certified Company is celebrating 60 years of success

RÍO URUGUAY SEGUROS is a Social Economy company that is part of the Insurance Sector. This company that was founded over 60 years ago is proud to celebrate its anniversary in 2018. The company received THE BIZZ award with the GLORY trophy given by WORLDCOB this year, which is the third most important distinction given by the WORLD CONFEDERATION OF BUSINESSES to date. In addition, the company has reaffirmed their commitment to the WORLDCOB-CSR standards as a socially responsible organization.

Regarding their revalidation or commitment to the WORLDCOB-CSR standards, which coincides with their 60-year anniversary celebration, Silvina Vazón, CSR manager and board of directors’ member, shares her impressions on the success of the business group, their certification, and what the team’s goals represent.

“When CSR is extended in the deepest sense of the word to manage a business, this implies good practices in and out of the organization. This same management principle is practiced on a day to day basis as the company works for the daily impacts of its own people and the community around them.  Having a transparent corporate governance organization that respects the values and principles—based on the respect of its Human Capital—is an essential part of the philosophy of life of this organization and their behavior. This implies driving a company to grow and strengthen their position within the market but always based on good practices, ethical conduct, and the firm determination to contribute to the sustainable development of society as a whole”.

CSR projects are undertaken by the company

CSR is part of the political strategy of our company that relies on the Board of Directors which is the governing body of our Cooperative Company. A CSR committee was founded and integrated by the coordinators of the different internal teams and inter-hierarchal groups made up of the Human Capital of various operating processes. The activities aimed towards internal processes is with the objective of improving the quality of our Human Capital. Therefore, this goal considers the prevention of sicknesses, healthcare, retirement plans, continuous training advantages, and caring for the internal environment among others.  Our work within the community involves a network linked to educational entities with projects and agreements that aim to strengthen inclusive practices. This relates to traffic education with programs oriented for both children and adult drivers, along with other civil society organizations with the goal to strengthen these institutions and support their sustainable projects.

Starting in 2016, our Board of Directors, and in particular our President, has promoted two fundamental axes, which are: Accessibility and Inclusion. We are constantly working with these established teams and the CSR committee to encourage internal and external projects to contribute to these two major issues within the community where we are located. For example, this year—in 2018—we have already started a cooperation agreement in our city signed by the RUS and the local municipal office to build accessible corners on the city’s main street.

What the WORLDCOB-CSR.2011.3 revalidation means to our company

Obtaining a revalidation implies a recognition of our Human Capital efforts, but also a reaffirmation and redoubling of our expressed commitments. During the time that has passed from our first certification to this current revalidation, we have enriched our measurements. We have also grown in our development of activities aimed towards the fulfillment of Principles and Values that have marked our steps from the start. The way we share our good practices by different means has also grown, and this includes our Sustainability Report that follows international standards seamlessly integrated by our Human Capital that was created specifically for this purpose.


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