The Dhaka Mercantile Co-operative Bank Limited: “Our Main Project is Micro Investment”

The Dhaka Mercantile Co-operative Bank Limited: “Our Main Project is Micro Investment”

THE DHAKA MERCANTILE CO-OPERATIVE BANK LTD from Bangladesh receives for the first time THE BIZZ Award in the inspirational category for its business achievement during the year.

The company got this important recognition during the most recent ceremony of THE BIZZ AMEA in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and, its Charmain, ABU ZAFAR CHOWDHURY gave us an interview to express why receiving this award is so important for them.


Brief description of your company

The Dhaka Mercantile Co-operative Bank Limited [DMCBL] is an Islamic Shariah based co-operative bank in Bangladesh. Dhaka Mercantile Co-operative Bank was established on 6th January, 1973 under the Cooperative Society Act & Rules of Bangladesh. For DMCBL, the words “Society” and “Bank” have become synonymous/ As is the case for DMCBL, the words “Society” and “Bank” have become synonymous. In 2001, Group Captain Abu Zafar Chowdhury (Retd.) GD(P) Psc. resurrected the operation with the vision of a poverty-free Bangladesh.

DMCBL is a Specialized Development Co-operative Financial Institution in Bangladesh, offering retail and commercial banking under a co-operative theme. DMCBL provides collateral-free credit, investment to the businesses that are legal entities and their entrepreneurs are able, well-informed, success-motivated, and has good understanding of their business, and has a good, acceptable social reputation within the community.

The Dhaka Mercantile Co-operative Bank Limited is the largest Co-operative under the supervision of the Co-operative Department of Ministry of L.G.R.D Bangladesh. This institution has been audited annually by the Co-operative Department of the Government. In addition to a governmental audit, DMCBL internally appoints S.F Ahmed & Company, Chartered Accountants to scrutinize the bank’s financial standing/ strength and depth, as well as advice on necessary measures and practices so as to comply to the internationally accepted standards of accounting and book-keeping. Hiring an external company to do internal audits also satisfies significant stake holder and legislative needs and rules.

The Dhaka Mercantile Co-operative Bank Limited has over 133 Branches and 3 Sub-Branches with over 2770 energetic and enthusiastic staff that thrive towards excellent service, sustainable profitability, and an overall socially responsible financial institution.

DMCBL emanates its strength from its highly acclaimed management, strong customer focus and relationships built on integrity, superior service and mutual benefit.


Business sector

Our main business sector is that small trade businessman who have daily sale. Micro finance is our main business.


What are the goals of your company?

Poverty free Bangladesh.


What are the competitive advantages of your company?

We invest business man collateral free.


What has been achieved by your company since its creation?

We inject money root level people. Who have no business capital. We develop more than 100,000 life style.


What projects has your company developed?

Our main project is micro Investment


What are the most challenging goals that your company has accomplished?

We face many types of challenge . Main challenge is collect installment amount from our members because we funding them collateral free.

Now our collection percentage is 99%





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