The official launch of WORLDCOB Trust Seal (WTS) from San Francisco

The official launch of WORLDCOB Trust Seal (WTS) from San Francisco

The celebration of the most recent edition of THE BIZZ Americas in San Francisco, California, was the perfect occasion to officially announce the launch of WORLDCOB Trust Seal (WTS), a business trust seal, in front of the more than 150 guests representing the recognized companies in the said ceremony.



“WORLDCOB can definitely help you grow your business; most of you take advantage of the different services we offer for your company, but today, on this special occasion, we are officially launching a new service, a new product. ”- Jesus Moran (President and Co-Founder of WORLDCOB).


WTS is a ‘Business Trust Seal’, created by the World Confederation of Businesses – WORLDCOB, so that, through this process, the legal existence of a company is verified in its country of origin and its commercial operation is proven.


This process is achieved by a verification team that compares the existence and operation of the company and grants the ‘Seal’ of approval. This, in turn, generates a level of business trust within these companies in order to promote good business practices in a globalized market.


Companies that obtain the WORLDCOB Trust Seal become Silver Members of WORLDCOB, an international organization based in Houston, Texas that promotes business development, which has about 3,500 active members, from more than 130 countries; creating a network that connects entrepreneurs and strengthens networking.

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