By Daniel Javier, Director of CSR in WORLDCOB



Unfortunately, we are a species that produces trash – the only one to have this distasteful quality – and trash is a problem.

Most of the time we simply throw it away without worry, thinking that nature will take care of incorporating it into its cycles, and in the best case scenario we leave it for public sanitation systems to take care of it.

The problem is that the technologies we use now produce types of waste that are very difficult or impossible to recycle, and our tendency to cluster together into large settlements means trash accumulates in a disorderly fashion, and specializing in career fields means that we let others be in charge of resolving the issue.

If we carry on like this without taking appropriate measures and changing our attitudes, scientists have warned us, our environment (our ever-shrinking world) will become increasingly more hostile.

Our oceans are globally connected, just like the atmosphere (and they’re connected with the atmosphere) and they have cycles, currents and dynamics that are in danger, no matter how much we don’t want to see it.

The garbage that is accumulating in the oceans is excessive and out of control. While watching a webinar on the issue by the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce, some of the data really struck me – like how every day we dump into the ocean the equivalent of 5 full bags of trash per linear foot around the entire perimeter of the world’s coastline!! If I think about little Uruguay, which has 672 km of coast between the Rio de la Plata estuary and the Atlantic Ocean, and do the calculations, it shows that just to cover the coastline of Uruguay you would need 11,200,000 bags of trash piled up per day! It seems senseless to think that this is sustainable. If I add up each meter of coastline in the world the number can be so ridiculously high that it’s difficult to comprehend.

Governments can’t do much about a problem that isn’t on their list of priorities, and when they do, the cost is incredibly high. For example, in California 500 million dollars is spent per year trying to make sure that garbage does not make it into the ocean – money that could be used on better things if we cared enough to not toss our waste so carelessly.

From the waste in California that is collected, it has been shown that 6 out of every 10 items are recyclable – in other words, those items could have avoided making it there (plastic and glass bottles, plastic bags, drink cartons, plastic bottle caps, paper bags).

However, because we don’t see the problem since the ocean is so big, it doesn’t worry us and we carry on acting like we expect someone else to fix the problem…it also isn’t a pressing issue on our personal agenda, nor do I remember it being an issue discussed during the political campaigns.



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  • Iuliean Hornet
    8 October, 2016

    Hi Daniel Javier.
    Congratulations to the subject matter, it may need to act globally to process the entire amount of waste produced on the planet and transform it effectively, economically and environmentally in Temic and electrical energy. I advocate and act by implementing my inventions in equipment to prioritize energy from residues, residues and waste \”biomass\” and only after exhaustion of these renewable energy sources to allow use of fossil fuels (gas, diesel oil, fuel oil, coal , wood, etc.). I was awarded the 2015 WORLDCOB in ceremony in Athens and Las Vegas applied for these inventions. Today ecoHornet has a portfolio of more than 500 equipment in operation and creation of over 60 models to replace all economic sectors fossil fuels, produce heat and power and secure energy independence at the family level, administration or nationwide. Using household waste are now a priority for me and the results are positive. We processed household waste (solid fraction) after selection (metal, plastic, aluminum, paper) in pellets and then the pyro-gassing 1 ton pellets, using pellets have Optina; pyro-gas gassing 120 cm, 150 liters and 600 kg biooil biochar. Nothing is lost, everything turns green energy through immediate remediation of soil, water and air pollutant emissions by burning ecoHORNET direct combustion technology, a clean environment, to keep Earth alive and green. I wish full success WORLDCOB shares, as well as staff working to highlight the achievements of its members. Excuse the expression of google, do not speak English. With all my consideration, Inventor Iuliean Hornet.

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