“We have protected our customers’ ideas for almost 50 years”, Becerril, Coca & Becerril

“We have protected our customers’ ideas for almost 50 years”, Becerril, Coca & Becerril

For NIng. Becerrilearly half a century, the market has been backing Becerril, Coca & Becerril’s path and to date its primary objective is the integral protection of the ideas of its clients. It has developed a wide range of related services in the field of intellectual property, technology transfer and corporate affairs, not only in Mexico but also in Latin America.

 In the case of intellectual property, it helps its clients to protect their intangible assets, so it accompanies them from patent application design, the processing and in some cases, it guides them in the marketing process. In terms of technology transfer, it provides strategies to generate economic value from these; And in terms of corporate matter, it provides legal advice to companies.

This organization has been able to adapt to the changes since its creation in 1969 and to remain firm in the market. Mr. Fernando Becerril, president of this firm, tells us about the company’s upcoming projects and the secret of its success during almost five decades.

  1. What are the goals of your company?

In the long run, it is to expand our services and become a legal and technological advisory firm, that is, our efforts will not only focus on patent issues. Another of our goals is to continue being one of the most important firms of Mexico and in Latin America in the subject of intellectual property.

We also aim to maintain high profitability and remain an organization that provides the same quantity and quality of services. In that sense, a redesign of internal processes would be carried out that would allow us to reduce negative impacts in times of economic crisis or external factors that cannot be controlled.

2. What are the competitive advantages of your company?

 We have a multidisciplinary human capital that allows us to provide integral advice in matters of intellectual property from the technological areas, electronics, information technologies, chemistry, biotechnology, electro mechanics to the legal field, and thus cover issues of litigation and the different corporate needs of our clients.

The workers are fundamental to perform an excellent management, that is why we make efforts to keep them motivated and satisfied with the projects assigned to them.

The way of managing our institution is different compared to other companies as these are only focused on solving legal aspects, while we go further since we offer multidisciplinary and comprehensive advice.

Another advantage is our experience in the market in issues related to intellectual market protection and technology transfer, since there are not many organizations in Mexico that have the same number of years of participation in this area.

3. What achievements has your company achieved since its creation?

 We have successfully achieved the generational transaction, that is, to stop being a familiar business to become an inclusive and diverse stock structure. In many cases, only a few organizations have succeeded in making these changes with positive results.

 Also, we stand out as the only company that has managed to position four experts in the field of intellectual property in the rankings of Mexico, which is a complex subject as this is not an easy topic to work and there are no signatures that offer a service trustworthy.

In addition, our customer base is made up of about 3 thousand clients, of which the most of them are large global companies related to the pharmaceutical industry, chemistry, clothing, and industrial sectors, among others.

4. What projects has your company developed?

 We bet on reinvention with high frequency. For this reason, one of our recent projects has been to open a corporate services area which provides legal services on issues other than intellectual property and corporate rights, which is our strength. We take this new challenge at the request of our clients and the results have been excellent, for this reason we are thinking of providing a comprehensive consulting service throughout the legal area.

Also, four years ago we made the necessary steps to become a certified transfer office and supported by governmental institutions such as the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT). This allows us to support the inventors to manage and transmit their intellectual property and at the same time to differentiate us from other corporations because only two are in the same condition as we are.

5. What have been some of the most difficult challenges for your company?

 Every day presents a greater level of sophistication in technology, the inventions presented 40 or 30 years ago are not the same as now. Before a creation was developed with a single technology, and now a project requires that concur in these diverse sciences, which makes more complex the work of the registry of the intellectual property.

Today, the market is more competitive as it has become more aware of the registration of intellectual property. This has produced more firms that are dedicated to this topic.

6.How does it feel to win the THE BIZZ award?

 It is a great honor to be considered as a successful company by such a prestigious organization as the Confederation of Businesses; However, this recognition has been achieved thanks to the work of our employees who are always motivated because they are the engine of the organization.

COMPANY: Becerril, Coca & Becerril
NAME: Ing. Fernando Becerril
ROLE: President
COUNTRY: México – Ciudad de México

WEBPAGE: http://www.bcb.com.mx/
E-MAIL: main@bcb.com.mx
TELEPHONE: (52 55) 5263-8730

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