WOCCU and WORLDCOB sign collaboration agreement to promote CSR

WOCCU and WORLDCOB sign collaboration agreement to promote CSR

By the end of May, we visited in CDMX to Mr. Luis Eduardo Jara, General Director of WOCCU LATINOAMERICA  (World Council of Credit Unions) which is a trade association and development agency for the international system of Savings and Credit Cooperatives of the world.

In this pleasant meeting, it was decided to deepen the relationship between both organizations and promote the agreement in the first stage in Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

WOCCU LATINOAMERICA aims to provide non-banking financial intermediaries timely and effective solutions, proposing improvements to its organization and operation framework, both in its economic and social component and in general, to everything that may affect its financial, operational position and legal

WORLDCOB * and WOCCU LA have established a collaboration agreement to promote CSR and the Social Balance as a tool at the service of cooperatives.

WOCCU LATINOAMERICA, through its CSR and sustainability component, will be responsible for advising the Savings and Credit Cooperatives in Latin America on CSR. Once the advice is completed, companies can be certified with the WORLDCOB standard.

The member cooperatives of WOCCU receive a special promotion with a significant discount on the CSR certification with the WORLDCOB-CSR standard: 2011.3 and a basic free membership from WORLDCOB that gives access to other benefits.

We celebrate that we already have the first cooperative benefited under this agreement, LA CAJA POPULAR MEXICANA, one of the largest in the world, with more than 2,173,032 members and present in 26 states of the country.

We hope that many will follow the example of this leading cooperative.

These actions are part of WORLDCOB’s commitment to the promotion of CSR, the Global Compact and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Daniel Javier

Director of Quality & CSR

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